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Arabesque Live at Gaslight Tavern on 1980-10-25

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Arabesque Live at Gaslight Tavern on 1980-10-25

Publication date 1980-10-25 (check for other copies)
Collection ArabesqueBand
Band/Artist Arabesque

Arabesque - "a little bit Django, a little bit Dawg"

Minor Swing
March of the Siamese Children
Blue Bossa
Some Dark Hollow
Norwegian Wood
Stockton Blues
Take the A Train
Nine Pound Hammer
I Got Rhythm
Mike Scap
guitar, mandolin, vocals

Ralph Brandofino
mandolin, vocals

Mike Fitzmaurice
guitar, vocals

Eric Levine

Mark Diamond
bass, vocals, frontman
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Track changes are seamless.
This setlist is a partial.
Show date might be incorrect.

Track 1 title has been corrected.
These are now the 16-bit files.

Mark Diamond Music
Boulder, CO

Eric Levine - violin / fiddle
Ft. Collins, CO

Monte the Taper archives
Ft. Collins, CO

thank you largely eTree and Internet Archive
-- peace from Monte --

Below is copied & pasted from Mike Scap's website.

Mike ScapMike Scap grew up in New Jersey not far from New York City. He was a typical child prodigy born with an emotional edge. Mike won awards and acclaim in high school as a talented visual artist and could seemingly play any musical instrument placed before him.

Some of the cutting edge bands which Mike formed or played with include Hot Rize, Tasty Licks (which later included Bela Fleck), Ophelia Swing Band, and he has appeared with Doc Watson, Emmylou Harris, Pat Matheny, and Martin Mull, to name a few.

A number of bluegrass heavyweights have played with him during their musical careers. Guitar phenom Steve Kaufman calls him “the Jeet Kun Do of guitar playing”. Former band mate Tim O’Brien places Scap “in a class with David Grier, or Bryan Sutton, or any of the top players in bluegrass”. Pete Wernick says, “his sound was different from anybody. The fluency, clarity of texture was a cut above”.

Mike is currently working on a CD series of original music, fresh and innovative, and features his skills at arranging and improvising.

Below is copied & pasted from Mark Diamond's website.
Mark Diamond Music - "Playing the bass all over the place"

Mark DiamondMark Diamond's hard-grooving acoustic bass sound was birthed in the New York area, where he learned to play many musical styles. His professional career started in New Jersey in the mid "70's" at Family & Friends with Jeff Kohnberg and Lisa Cerasia. In 1980 he moved to Colorado with the band Arabesque, and has since been a sought after sideman on over 100 albums, including Grammy award winner Tim O'Brien, Tim and Mollie O'Brien, Sally Taylor, (daughter of James and Carly), James Van Buren with Richie Cole, Keith Oxman, Mary Flower, and Mary Ann Moore. He has played for President Bill Clinton and other luminaries over the years. Mark has toured Europe, and regularly appears at festivals and clubs across the country. He has performed with such legendary performers as Spike Robinson, Richie Cole, James Moody, Ernestine Anderson, Ben Sidran, Peter Rowan, Kenny Loggins, New Orleans piano sensation Henry Butler, Fred Wesley (of the James Brown funky horn section), Buddy Tate (of the original Count Basie Band), Bruno Carr (the drummer for Ray Charles, Herbie Mann, and many jazz greats), blues men Eddie Kirkland and Mark Hummel, and a couple of great New York based jazz vocalists Allan Harris and Tom Lellis. Mark has opened shows for B.B. King, Kenny Rogers, Wilson Pickett, Koko Taylor, and Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, to name a few. He is a reliable, personable, talented musician who has dedicated his life to bringing people top quality music in every setting imaginable.

Below is copied & pasted from Eric Levine's "almost" website.

Eric LevineEric Levine has been teaching and performing full-time for over 25 years. In 2007, he won a Grammy Award for his work on Mary Youngblood’s Grammy winner “Dance With The Wind.” Eric is a graduate of Mannes College of Music and the New England Conservatory.

Eric has played violin with the Bronx Opera Company and a dozen orchestras including the Fort Collins and Cheyenne symphonies and the Greeley Philharmonic. He has been a longtime member and featured player with the Front Range Chamber Players.

It’s probably safe to say that Eric has set the standard in Colorado fiddling for the past 25 years. He has toured nationally under the auspices of Columbia Artists playing swing, bluegrass, and folk, as well as played on Broadway in the show “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”

Eric also plays Celtic music professionally, and has been on staff at Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp.


Reviewer: orecalimo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 8, 2011
Subject: Incredible
I randomly clinked on this from the main LAMA page, and I was instaltly blown away. The first track Minor Swing is straight Django/gyspy-jazz, but from there they break out into all manner of directions. The sheer musical skill of these guys, the script quality of the recording, the playful and goofy compositions.... just relax and listen!
Reviewer: candiflip - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 15, 2010
Subject: recorded on casstte too!
wicked that it makes it's way to the archive and sounds so good. wicked, wicked sounds and wish i would have been there that evening, even if i was only 8 at the time. thanks for the music.
Reviewer: SKB4ME - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 24, 2010
Subject: First listen
Fresh sound for these ears. I like it. Very professional sounding bunch of guys. Fun yet serious and precise yet improvisational. Jazzy bluegrass. I'm streaming on my macbook, but the recording sounds great. Thinking of burning to cd to listen over the stereo.
Reviewer: drspark61 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 6, 2008
Subject: Putting on the Dawg
Thanks for posting this forgotten gem. Sharp playing all around, and a very nice recording. Somewhat reminiscent of DGQ.

Track 1 is actually "Minor Swing."

Any chance we'll get a 16-bit version?
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In Collection
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on 2/14/2008
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